A creepy month of Sundays!


Looking back at the history of Mark Trail Sunday pages, it doesn’t appear that there was ever a “theme” (i.e. several Sundays in a row that are related in some way by their content). I decided to explore that idea over the course of the month of October. Two weeks ago, we started off with Vultures, and then we had snakes, this week it’s spiders. If I had to choose a “favorite panel”… although there is a lot of detail in that last panel, I truly enjoy the panel to the left… the desert spider!


2 thoughts on “A creepy month of Sundays!

  1. Good to see the blog being maintained. I like the idea of theme months as well, and hope you continue them as a way of drumming up interest in the strip.

    In the olden days (from what I gather, you know more than I), there used to be little stories told during the Sundays, in the midst of informing us of the Animal of the Week.

    That’s probably too much of a departure from the norm, but I’d like to see more of Mark/Cherry/Rusty/Doc involved like in many of the latest Sundays you’ve drawn. It makes it seem more “real” to me if I imagine it being something Mark wrote or is telling someone based on personal experience.

    • Tim,
      THANKS for your kind words! Indeed I do remember those old Sundays that actually told a “little story” within the page about the animal and I try to use that approach from time to time. It gives the page a more personal and “warm” feel.

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