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A creepy month of Sundays!

Looking back at the history of Mark Trail Sunday pages, it doesn’t appear that there was ever a “theme” (i.e. several Sundays in a row that are related in some way by their content). I decided to explore that idea over the course of the month of October. Two weeks ago, we started off with Vultures, and then we had snakes, this week it’s spiders. If I had to choose a “favorite panel”… although there is a lot of detail in that last panel, I truly enjoy the panel to the left… the desert spider!

Mark Trail Helps Support Tree Check Month

Syndicated comics are done way in advance of what you see and read in the papers. For instance, today I am working on material that will apear in the papers in early October. Okay, now hold that thought.

Back around June 20th, a historic nearby theater was going to feature the original 1933 version of King Kong. Folks, this is my FAVORITE movie, and (aside from my mother) probably the single biggest influence/reason I draw comics. My love of the film inspired me as a kid, to dream… in fact, DREAM BIG! I own the movie on several different formats, however I had NEVER SEEN IT ON THE BIG SCREEN! So, when I heard it was playing nearby, in a CLASSIC theater, I decided to take the weekend off, book a room in an upper-scale hotel, spend a couple of days eating fine cuisine, then, on my way home Sunday, go see my favorite film- King Kong.

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